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The Body Massage Ball is an effective self-exercise aid that can strengthen muscles, open joints, increase spinal flexibility and stimulate blood flow. Balls come in a variety of sizes and degrees of firmness to penetrate specific areas of the body. Best of all they can be used at your convenience in your home, office or elsewhere. The self-massage routine is easy to learn and it's more affordable than a massage therapy session.

Instructor Maggie Wong first used the massage ball to help relieve her scoliosis. She was so impressed that she made massage ball training an integral part of her classes. Anyone who suffers pain and stiffness from tension, working at a computer, driving, or participating in fitness training or sports will benefit from Body Massage Ball exercises.

Yoga Plus offers massage ball workshops and individual instruction. For a workshop schedule or to make an appointment, please visit Body Massage Balls and related products are available on the site's Products Page.

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